• Trademark search, trademark watch and monitoring services;
  • Trademark application for registration;
  • Trademark renewal;
  • Recordal of change of registrant’s name or address;
  • Recordal of licensing contract; Draft licensing contract;
  • Recordal of Assignment; Draft assignment contract;
  • Trademark opposition, review, dispute, and cancellation actions;
  • Commercial and infringement investigation;
  • Litigations;
  • Administrative resolution of trademark disputes.
  • Trademark design and company CI design;
  • Consultation on trademark protection and other related matters.


  • Copyright recordation;
  • Copyright infringement litigation;

Customs Protection:

  • Customs recordation and protection;


  • Domain name search and registration (include Chinese domain names);
  • Trade secret protection;
  • Commercial investigation including company registration data, usage of a trademark, enterprise credit status, and collecting proofs concerning patent or trademark infringement;
  • Registration of a company;
  • Recordation of technical contract.